domingo, 1 de julio de 2012


This beginning of Vinal corresponding to July 25, 2012 is the Kin 58 - White Rhythmic Mirror - which is also a galactic activation portal!
Both the absence of a day within the day (day out-of-time) and the concept of portal [a gap (passage) in the time cycle) suggest that this represents the day july 25, 2012
From this day will follow the 20 known seals of Tzolkin, culminating with the Kin 77 - Red Crystal Earth - on August 13, 2012 - which is also a galactic activation portal in which 'I seal the matrix of navigation' one day before finalizing the Wavespell ...
On this day August 13, 2012 Moon and Venus will form a perfect conjunction in degree 05°45' of Cancer at 19:45 GMT. These fast planets comes form a T-Square with Uranus and Pluto since Pluto will be positioned at 07°15' Capricorn (opposition) and Uranus will be in 08°09' Aries - both retrograde
The Moon in transit had already formed a T-Square with Pluto and Uranus when was in Libra in the same day Out-of-Time (July 25, 2012) and this time having passed on Pluto and Uranus returns to form this aspect precisely when pass over Venus!
This conjunction Moon-Venus at 05°45' of Cancer will be at concise 20° of distance of that happened to Sun-Venus conjunction in june 04, 2012 and will be observable with the naked eye just before dawn in Tokyo, Japan, at the local time 4:45 a.m. in the next day, because the time difference with London is 9 hours.
For the Japan will be the Kin 78 - Cosmic Mirror White - even seal found on July 25, 2012 a vinal ago in the day Out-of-Time ...
The morning of August 13, 2012 is a culmination of observation of the Perseids - the most popular meteor shower whose radiant is in the constellation Perseus (specifically near the star Gamma Persei) observable in the path of the comet Swift-Tuttle 1862, who made his return appearance in 1992 (20 years ago) and is the largest of all the celestial objects that make repeated passes near the Earth ... with luck maybe you can see a shooting star coming right toward you! Growing .. and growing... and growing!'
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